Friday, July 11, 2008

New Vision Badminton Academy

Last night was the first time I went to the new badminton courts in PJ behind Jaya 33. Its called New Vision Badminton Academy, and for a weekday night, it was solid packed, (as I think alot of people were trying the place out)

They had some lessons going on while I was there, and the kids were doing very well (look at the amount of shuttles they had to play with on the courts)

The court conditions were great (new-mah), and it was rubber mat. The court I was on, was laid relatively well, but I saw other players in courts next to us were using their shoe to smoothen the surface (bubbles on the floor)

The spectator area was not great, in fact the general feeling of the place was that they crammed in as many courts as they could in a very small amount of space.

The price is RM55 for a 2 half hour block (our block was 7:00 to 9:30), odd time huh?

The toilets are new, and still smell of paint. I have a feeling after a few weeks, it will most likely be seriously dirty or vandalised, but I hope New Vision will keep the quality up.

Shuttle Prices? Didnt buy a tube here, so can't say but others should feel free to comment

Drink Prices? Standard 100 plus was RM1.80

Getting there? I was a bit lost at first and they really need to work on their signage, cos the first time I literally drove past it. This is the map they provided which also seems a bit wrong geographically, as Federal Highway and Rothmans Roundabout shouldn't be on the same side. And the scaling of the federal highway with the rest of the map is a bit off.

So MBA, welcome to your new competitors, at least their prices are a little bit lower... for now.


asd said...

may i know the rates for weekday and weekend ???

Anonymous said...

Best vanue for badminton but staffs on duty are rude and disrespect!
Hope there are some improvment on it.