Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KL - Wedding Invitations

Looking for a good person in KL to get creative ideas for your wedding invitations? We went to The Wedding Hub. The Wedding Hub is really a place where all the different vendors have a collective space to give you everything that you need to find out about your wedding (be it makeup, dresses, invites, favours, etc etc). We met Debra to get a quote on our wedding invitations. She represents Acadia - personalised wedding invitations.

The first impression, extremely friendly and bubbly person to talk to. We only need to explain our theme to her, and give her the full details of our venue etc, and she comes up with 3-4 different designs to suit our theme (and budget!). Personal review, perhaps not the cheapest price you can get, but definately friendly to work with...

Wedding Hub
B-08-3A, Block B, 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I'm addicted to.. Words With Friends

I remember CG, NY and I sitting in expressemente illy in BV. Each of us was just playing with our phones. CG was deep in concentration about something, and I looked over and saw that it was this iPhone app called Words with Friends. He told me to try it, so thus I downloaded it (it is free... USD 0.99 for the version without ads). After many many tries, I finally managed to beat CG by 1 point. He still continually beats me in all other games though, but those pictures wont be posted here...

You can also try the other sister... Hanging with Friends.

I started playing this with a variety of friends then I realised that wow, some people are really good at this game.. then I realised.. hey, hang on, are they cheating? People which I know of average vocabulary are now scoring big points and absolutely thrashing me.

Ok, so I'm a bit of a sore loser, so I decided to search the internet. Lo and behold, i stumbled upon They have an entire board which you can key in, and then it generates the best word for you.., WTF? I now use this cheat to play with people whom I think are cheating, but really, its extremely alot of trouble to key in the ENTIRE board, just to say I've won WWF (Words with Friends)...

In the end, I've just lost interest.. There lives a little phase of addiction of which it lasted a full 3 weeks. Moving on to other things......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

True Reflection

It was 2004 in Australia, I had a sudden deep realisation that I can do more fruitful things with my life. I did a complete 180 by quitting my job, leaving my friends, and leaving a country I had called home for the past 6 years.

Exhiliration from that kept me going for these past 7 years. Over the last 7 years, there has been many ups and many downs in my current line of business. Over this weekend, I've met various people in my life who have helped me come to realise that there are different things out there, and that there simply needs to be a change in priorities.
Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't all bad — not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life — to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested . ... Imagine life without change. It would be static ... boring ... dull. It's time for a change.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Transit in Melaka!

HB and I were road-tripping to Singapore (more on that on future posts) and decided to stop by Melaka for 2 most famous things that it is known for. Melaka Chicken Rice Balls and the durian cendol ! Yumz. Ours mouths were watering for like 45 minutes when we realized driving into Melaka on a Saturday of a long weekend at 12pm was probably not the smartest idea. We went through countless traffic lights which took forever to get through….
We finally thought we were close enough to Jonker Street and parked. We started walking, walking, following some people, and using our trusty GPS on the iPhone… Lo and behold, it started to rain .. Grr.. minor pit-stop at a shop to buy an umbrella and found our way to the famous Chicken Rice Shop..

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop (Nasi Ayam Hoe Kee)
468 Jalan Hang Jebat
75200 Melaka, Malacca

We ordered the standard set for 2 (loose rice, 10 rice balls, steamed quarter chicken, but no assam fish, in retrospect we thought we should have ordered it since we never come here…) All I can say is that the chilli and the sweet soya sauce were probably perfect condiments to go with the delicious rice balls. At the end of the meal, my mouth was itching for something sweet.

Being the sweet tooth that I am, we went down Jonker Street to Jonker 88 where I ordered the famous Durian Cendol with 8 treasures. Mind you, when I looked at the bowl of cendol, it had all my favorite things! Peanuts, corn, red bean with a tinge of durian flavor. It was far too much for me, HB didn’t care too much for the strange durian taste in the cendol, and the fact that we paid RM5 for it.. heheh.

After this minor pit stop, it was back on track to go to Singapore!! More posts coming up soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011

With much excitement, I entered the Energizer Night Race 2011with HB this year, paid RM70 for the Half Marathon category. In their website, they cited that they would close once it reached 10,000 runners, so we know that there were at least 10,000 runners last night (if not MUCH MUCH more). If you knew that you have so many participants, why not have equivalent amount of marshalls?

I've never experienced a worse run than this one. First of all, why would any normal person give out a black vest for a NIGHT run? No one would be able to see us in the dark especially when we were running the outer circle! I decided to boycott the vest but HB still wore it. 

We arrived at least 1 and a half hour early before our flag-off at 8pm and the traffic was not well managed at all. Did they think that people would appear from thin air? We obviously had to drive to there! All the parking was full, and we drove into a muddy field with palm trees. I noticed people pissing into the trees. hmmmm. Was wondering why..

With no further direction, we just followed the general sea of people to the starting line. I saw the longest line of using the toilet, and no mobile toilets to be seen anywhere. The first signs of poor management showed. We then walked on and saw an enormous amount of people trying to squeeze into the Paddock tunnel. We were like.. NO WAY, so we walked further down to the second tunnel which was slightly better. However, this is what i heard it was like in the first tunnel also termed the "Tunnel of Death" by Facebookers.

Because we had come from the other tunnel, we TOTALLY missed the collection of the headlamp, and had to ask other participants where to get it. However, since parking and finding our way there took so long, it was already 7:45pm so we didn't even bother to try (considering the utter chaos)

Why would anyone time the Marathon, Half Marathon, 11K, and Fun Run to start within 15 minutes of each other????? Do they know a marathon takes an average person around 5 hours? Where was the planning?
We started our run accordingly and the first thing to note is the lack of marshalls that seem to surround the area. There was no clear direction where to run, and there was an EXTREMELY long sector when coming into the inside track that we had NO WATER. They asked us to use a LARGE bucket of ice to compensate. OK...
In the next stop, the person who was manning the Gatarode threw a whole set of Gatarode in putrid dark water (FOR WHAT reason i have no idea, there was ice in there, but its all black now... you can't see???), which made the can absolutely disgusting. To make matters worse, he was smoking.. Come onla, we all running here, do you really need to make it harder?
We did the first inside lap, and i nearly ran into 10 people who were finishing (they were 11k runners), but really I cant blame them. There was no clear demarcation of where the runners should exit, nor was there anybody to tell us to run the 2nd lap around the circuit. We ploughed through people and continued on. By this time, no surprise that there was NO water left in the water stations. Only thing left on the circuit was empty cans, half drunk 1.5 litre of water (which I actually saw a guy take from the wall, and drink out of sheer desperation... Hepatitis B dude...)
The HIGHLIGHT was at the finish line. We arrived with NOTHING! No food, no medal, no goodie bag, NO DRINKS. We left unhappy, and trust me, we were not the only one. Discussions of runners around us clearly displayed that they didn't get anything either. Upon leaving, we got a stupid parking attendant insisting that we pay for RM10 parking. To avoid conflict, we paid the man, but it gave me an even worse feeling in my mouth.
When we came home that night, the amount of twitter & facebook messages were OVERWHELMING!. There were responses every 30 seconds, and ALL negative. I'm boycotting this race next year.

Energizer Night Run Facebook Page

Monday, April 04, 2011

Of Funny Armies

Last week, my Singaporean colleague showed us a few pictures in regards to the recent uproar of a maid carrying a soldier's backpack. Needless to say, this sparked tons of commentary on Facebook, newspapers what not, and mentioned that once the Malaysian newspapers got hold of something bad about Singapore, we would publish it. That was probably quite true..

This morning, there was another article where they showed the Malaysian army do this... These people decided to kill a hornbill and pose with it... Just when I thought Malaysians were one up Singapore..

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Wedding Dress

It's finally time to decide on the Wedding Dress! After visiting numerous Made to Measure (MTM) shops in Sri Hartamas such as That Special Occasion, The Wedding Isle, and Pretty in White, I finally decided to go with Pretty in White as their prices are quite reasonable and I guess the designer (Louisa Michael) is also from Sarawak. HB made a joke last night.. "Our photographer is from Sarawak, the wedding dress designer is from Sarawak... I sense a pattern.."

Read more about Louisa here

The gown that we've designed is inspired mainly by 2 Vera Wang dresses that I've fallen in love with below and our theme of the wedding night which is Shanghai Tang! I've been fully measured and the actual making of the gown will probably take 2 months, so lets hope the dress turns out well when I go for the fitting. FYI, pretty in white also has a buy-back option and for the dress which is measured for me, they are buying it back at 30% of the price which is savings for me, and also, lack of clutter... Some say I should keep it for memory... Thoughts?

Friday, March 18, 2011

On running

I just completed the Bareno Open Women run 10Km last weekend and got a 120th place with probably a time of 1hour 15minutes. Mind you, this was without any training whatsover, after a trip to Jakarta and to Kuching.. with lots of unhealthy food and drinks in between...

. As I look forward to my next race which is the 21Km Energizer, i wanted to recall what I did for the KLIM last year..

I completed it in a net time of 2:21:10 (which I hope to top in my Energizer Night run)... wish me luck.. I better go home and run tonight.

"Excerpt from last year KLIM results from their website"
"Sign-up successful from this year website"

Have already known a few people to sign up, so see you running there!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Our first Valentine's Day

Most years I've never really been much of a Valentine's Day celebrator.. This year was a bit of a surprise... After lunch time in the office, I got a really surprise delivery of flowers (tulips, my favourites! and chocolates (ferroro rocher.. my favourites!)... Albeit a bit embarrasing, but it was really nice to get something.. bit of a cliche, but still nice nevertheless.

 We left work around 7 and got stuck in the most massives of jam.. so hungry that we popped open the ferroros and ate them in the car ! :) We finally got home and changed, the the date began!!. Not wanting to do the standard dinner in restaurant thing.. we went to.... RED BOX, The Curve for a night of Karaoke..
The food was quite mediocre, ate some of it, but really concentrated more on the singing.. or rather screaming.. (sexy, huh?). I lined up songs from Linkin Park, Cranberries, etc etc.. while HB went for the more pop songs like the Michael Buble and all that. We sang some cheesy duets and before you know it, time was up.

Went home and popped open a bottle of Champagne! Enjoyed a nice night, talking on the apartment balcony and I think we played some Flight Control on the iPhone as well..

On and all, a perfect Valentines Day.. This post is a bit late. but thanks HB for organising everything. It was much appreciate. Muaks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random trip to Jakarta

All i remember is that on Friday we were having a discussion in a meeting room, and suddenly it was decided that we would be heading to Indonesia for a day the next week.. Talk about a random business trip! So the plane ticket was booked to Jakarta, and the hotel was set to be at JW Mariotte. Apparently this place has been bombed twice before... Good choice secretaries...

Flight: I was placed like in the 2nd last row and 2 people next to me decided to fight over overhead cabin space... jeez..

Reached JW Mariotte, and first thing was... meet up with JL in Blu Martini bar in the hotel. The coincidence of meeting her was uncanny. HB wanted to catch up with her for her birthday and turned out she was in JW Mariotte Jakarta, on the exact same night as me.. At midnight, we had a quick drink, and went back up to the room.

The view in the morning at 7am was traffic jam traffic jam, traf

The only thing I saw in Jakarta was the meeting room in which I had the meeting, and then I'm now off back to KL.. talk about a quick, short and random trip..